Body Scrub - Green Tea & Lime

Body Scrub - Green Tea & Lime

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Delicious smelling zesty scrub with Lime Essential Oil!

Scrub away those dead and dry skin cells with Organic Green Tea Leaves and Himalayan Salt.

This scrub is great for removing those excess oils whilst keeping your skin moisturised and cleansed.

Green Tea has so many health benefits for your skin.  Not only will it help fight aging signs, acne and pimples, but it will help improve your skin complexion and reduce inflammation.  No wonder I drink this tea reguarly!

Directions: Whilst in the shower, work over the body in circular motions.  Give extra attention to those dry areas then rinse.

Caution: Use of essential oils are not recommended while pregnant, breastfeeding or for children 2 years and under.

Ingredients: White Sugar, Himalayan salt, Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Lime Oil, Organic Green Tea Leaves


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