Face Mask - Charcoal

Face Mask - Charcoal

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Suffer from oily skin or breakouts???

Our Charcoal Mask is a highly absorbent, swelling clay designed to draw those nasty toxins and bacteria to the surface.

With a mixture of Kaolin and Betonite Clays, Activated Charcoal this mask will help fight acne helping you to acheive a flawless complexion.

The beautiful touch of Bamboo Powder allows you to use this not just as a mask but as a quick facial scrub.  Extracted from the bamboo tabashi stems it acts as a mild exfoliator rich in mineral salts.  

The gentle Colloidal Oatmeal will help to soothe and comfort distressed skin.  Scented in the refreshing Native Lemon Gum powder grown right here in Australia!

(Not recommended for those with sensitive skin).

Directions: Mix approximately 1 teaspoon of mask powder with 1 teaspoon of water.  Once blended and a good consistency apply over face avoiding sensitive areas such as eyes & lips. Leave no longer than 15 minutes and rinse.

Ingredients: Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Colloidal Oatmeal, Native Lemon Gum, Activated Charcoal, Bamboo Powder



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